The 10 Best Life Hacks Every College Student Needs To Know

Here are 10 tips for college students that will make their lives easier. Are you all set? Let’s check it out!

You Don’t Have A Coffee Maker

All you need is a latte, a coffee filter, and some water that has been brought to a boil. We’ll get a spoonful of coffee and put it in a tea bag. Put the ends together, spin them, and use a rubber band to hold them together. Twist it more and more until it’s tight. Then we’ll put the coffee bag inside the hot water and keep it there for approximately 5 minutes. The coffee will then mix with the water in the cup.

Putting Beer In The Fridge Is A Pain.

To stack your beer bottles, put a black metal safety pin on the metal wire. You can use the other half of your fridge for other things. With this trick, you don’t have to fret about the beer falling over, like when you try to stand them all up tall on the wire shelf. That is too out of whack. A paper clip is great because it doesn’t move.

I Can’t Bring Up When The Alarm Leaves Off

Put the cell phone in a beer glass to make the sound louder. And get to your first class on time 90% of the time, every time! Music works the same way. Not enough speakers? To listen to music in your beer glass, all you need is your cell phone, which will make the sound louder.

Dirty Hands With Cheetos

Everyone loves Cheetos. We eat a lot of junk food in college because we don’t have time to cook. When the bag is on its side, it’s hard to get the chips out. You have to stick your hand in there, and then your hand gets covered in cheese dust. 

But you can squeeze the bottom part out (not apart!) and then turn the bottom of the bag inside out. Don’t stop until the Cheetos get to the top. Now you don’t have to put your hand in to get them out, and it’s easier. Hot Cheetos are also a great choice for this.

Your Beer Isn’t Cold Enough

Do you want a beer to get cold as quickly as possible? Put the beer in the freezer and wet a paper towel with cold water. Then wrap the beer in a paper towel. The paper towel will freeze, and your beer will get much colder much more quickly. By the way, frozen beer blows up. If you use this method, it should be done in 15 minutes. Physics tutors can help you figure out why this works in the first place.

Your Bananas Ripen Too Quickly.

Wrap the top of the bananas in plastic wrap and keep them away from other fruits to keep them fresh. This will make sure they don’t go bad. But you have to tie the banana back up after you take it. Bananas get ripe when they make ethylene, but wrapping the stems stops oxygen from getting to the bananas. This makes ethylene.

Make A Hot Dog Without A Microwave

First, ensure your coffee pot is clean, and then put the hot dogs in it. Run a cycle and leave the hot dogs in hot water until you can see that they are done. The hot dogs will finish cooking at the bottom of the coffee pot.

No Laptop Bag In Which To Take The Computer

Use your hoodie to make a bag for your laptop. Lay your hoodie on a table with the chest up. Put your laptop in the chest area horizontally, with the long parts facing the arms. Please make sure the strings are on the outside of your hoodie, then pull the bottom up and fold it over the hoodie itself. Tuck the extra material underneath the hoodie.

Next, place the hood over the laptop and wrap it around the device like a letter. Turn the laptop on its back and tie the strings together. Lastly, tie the arms around each other to bring it on your shoulder. Guys, you might mistake this for a purse. You’ve been warned!

Your Pens Are Continually Wearing Out

You’re going to need G2 pens. Most of the time, you can purchase 4 of them for $5. Next, buy two ballpoint pen refills from the Mont Blanc brand. It usually costs $12 to fill up a $200 pen, and you will need two refills. Take the ink refill out of the cheap pen. 

Take the top off the cheap refill and put it on the pinnacle of the Mont Blanc refill. When you place your Mont Blanc refill with G2 top into your G2 pen, you’ll see that you just got a very expensive pen for only $12.

Your Closet Doesn’t Have Enough Space.

Use soda tabs to keep your closet in order. All we have to do is place one hook in one hole of the soda tab and the other snare in the other hole. This takes up much less space than putting all the shirts side by side because they can hang down.

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