Simple Life Tricks To Keep You Cool During A Heatwave

In the middle of summer, there are music festivals, drinks in the afternoon, and short trips to the beach, but the heat can make you feel tired and uncomfortable. There are things you can do, though, that will not only keep you cool in the sun but will also make you feel good even after you’ve gone inside. FEMALE has compiled a list of simple summer life hacks to help you beat the heat. These include taking warm showers and wearing the right clothes.

Ditch The Backpack

On a hot day, a backpack might seem like the best way to carry all your stuff, but it will also be heavy on your back and make you sweat more. Choose a small crossbody bag or a tote instead, and reduce how much you carry around with you all day.

Use Feather Pillows

Get rid of pillows and bedding made of synthetic materials like polyester, which keeps heat in. Instead, choose alternatives made of cotton or down if you don’t want to sweat while you sleep.

Downsize Accessories

Try to wear as few necklaces as possible when it’s hot out. Heavy necklaces can make the fabric stick to your chest, trapping heat, and bracelets cover the wrists, which are a pulse point and a cool spot on the body.

Don’t Overuse The Antiperspirant

When it gets hot, reaching for a bottle of antiperspirant may seem natural, but too much of it can slow down the body’s natural way of getting rid of heat. This can block the body’s heat pores and make it hard for the body to cool down.

Wear Socks

On a hot day, the final thing you might think to do is cover your feet, but it could be the best way to stay cool and fresh. Open shoes like sandals can make your feet dirty, which can make your feet feel hot and uncomfortable. Your feet also have more sweat glands than any other body part, which can cause painful rubbing and blisters when you wear sandals. Socks will soak up the sweat and keep your feet clean and cool.

Eat Less Meat

When you eat a lot of protein, which you can find in red meat and some fish, your body will make more heat as it tries to break down the heavy food. Instead, eat smaller meals every two to three hours. This will keep your body from making as much heat.

Choose Clothes With Natural Fabrics

Try to stay away from polyester and rayon at all costs. Because the fibers repel water, sweat can build up and cause irritation and discomfort. Cotton is a much more breathable fabric, meaning moisture is absorbed and dried much faster.

Cool Pulse Points

Feel like you might be getting way too hot? Use cold compresses on the wrists, neck, ankles, and behind the knees, which are all “pulse points.” If you don’t have an ice pack or compress, you can get a similar effect by putting your wrists under cold running water for a minute.

Skip The Cushioned Bra

The extra foam padding and underwiring will make you sweat in a way that doesn’t look good. Choose a soft cotton bracelet that isn’t lined for the coolest look.

Avoid Aspirin

A study from Penn State University found that taking aspirin in hot weather can raise your body temperature. In particular, the effects were worse for people who worked out in hot weather.

Layer With Open-Weave Knits

If you want a cover-up, choose a top with an open weave instead of a dense one. The open-knit design will let a cool breeze pass through and let the skin breathe.

Diy Facial Mist

Make your facial mist stay cool on days when your makeup melts the most. Keep a bottle of cool water with a spray top on your hand so you can refresh your makeup and cool down. For a stronger cooling effect, make a cup of peppermint tea, let it cool, and use it the same way.

Use A Bandana

Bandannas are a great summer accessory that can be used in many ways. They add color to your summer outfit and help you stay cool by soaking up the sweat from the back of the neck. It may also be tied in a knot on top of your head to keep the fringes off your forehead, which can be hot and annoying.

Do Yoga Breathing

Even breathing can assist you in beating the heat when you don’t have much else to do. Please take a deep breath and slowly let it out through your nose. With this easy exercise, your saliva should cool the air you breathe before it goes into your lungs. This works to cool down the body, slow down the heart rate, and even reduce stress when it’s hot outside.

Stick To Light Colors

You don’t want to wear dark colors like black or navy on a hot day because they soak up the heat. White and cream are light colors that reflect light and heat, which helps keep you cool.

Keep Sprays And Lotions In The Fridge

Not only will this keep them from melting in the heat, but it will also make them feel cool and soothing when you put them on.

Avoid Embellishments

Details like beads or metal can not only make clothes heavier, but they can also make the fabric lie nearer to the epidermis. This can be uncomfy and make you sweat more because it keeps your body heat in.

Freeze Aloe Vera

Everyone understands that aloe vera can help with sunburn pain. But putting the green gel in ice cube trays and putting them in the freezer will make it feel even cooler when you rub it on the affected area.

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