10 Life Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

These “life hacks” will make your daily tasks and other projects much easier.

Pasta Ligher

We’re sure you’re stocking up on candles with nice smells to make your home cozier as the weather gets colder. But you don’t have to give up your favorite scent just because your candles aren’t burning high enough to reach the wick. If you don’t want to burn your fingers, you can light a piece of raw spaghetti.

It will reach into that deep candlelight and burn long enough to light the candles on grandpa’s birthday cake. Saving money is fun for everyone, particularly when making changes to your home. So check out such 35 amazingly cheap and useful tips that use items you already have.

Remove Highlighter Marks

Have you ever wanted to get highlighter marks out of a book? Lemon juice makes highlighter fade enough that it’s almost impossible to see. Cut a lemon in half and use a cotton swab to get some of the juice. Run the swab over the highlighted text and watch the color change. The same thing seems to work with lemon juice from a bottle. Even though it didn’t work as well on the pieces we tried, the older the mark, the harder it is to get rid of.

Dog Slow Feeder

My puppy was eating too quickly, which made him throw up the food. Instead of buying a sluggish bowel, I drilled holes into a 12-inch piece of 2-inch PVC pipe and capped the ends. I put puppy food in the tube, and he has to flip it around for the food to come out of the holes. My dog gets all the meals he needs and doesn’t make a mess because he eats too quickly. Make sure that the holes are big enough to let the food out.

Quickly Identify Your Keys

“It seems that I carry around more keys as I get older. I have the car, house, shed, and garage keys, so my pocket is full. I draw both sides of the essential head with bright nail polish so that I can quickly find the keys I use most. I give each key a different color. The nail polish is very durable, and you’ll be surprised at how much longer it seems to last than spray paint.

Pool noodle hose

You can use a pool noodle to fill a bucket that won’t fit under your sink’s faucet. Put the bucket on the floor, put the pool noodle over the faucet, and run it down to the bucket.

Keep Seeds Fresh

If you don’t use all of your seed packets, you can keep them fresh for next year by putting them in a sealed jar with silica packets. The silica packets keep the seeds from sprouting or getting moldy. Plus, check out these 10 really helpful gardening tips that every beginner must know.

Fog-Free Mirrors

Car wax will keep your bathroom from getting foggy after a hot shower. Use a small amount of car sealant to the mirror, let it dry, and then buff it with a soft, dry cloth.

Easy Way to Clean Legos

Germs spread easily on children’s toys. Like Legos, toys that can be washed can be cleaned quickly in a dishwasher. To quickly clean Legos:

To keep the Legos together, put them in a laundry bag.
As usual, run your dishwasher.
But take the Legos out of the dryer before the dryer cycle is done and let them air dry on a towel.

This method also works well for seashells, dish brushes, rags, and sponges, among other things.

You can refresh your furniture in minutes.

Stickers from skate shops, stages, and gumball machines are all over the furniture in my son’s room. Once he moved out, I sought to be using his furniture without the stickers in the new guest room. I used a putty knife and a hair dryer to soften the glue so that I could peel off all the stickers. Some are harder to get off than others, but I got them all off in a couple of hours.

Tape Template

With “keyhole” hangers, you don’t have to guess how to hang picture frames, shelves, and other things. To begin:

Place a piece of glue tape over the peepholes, and then use a pencil to draw around the keyholes to make a template.
Stick the framework on the ceiling where you want the shelf, making sure it’s level.
Drill or screw your anchor gaps or screwdrivers into the template, then take it away.

Even if you know how to use a tape measure, this list of 25 tips and tricks will teach you something new.

Get rid of wrinkles in your laundry with no extra work.

Don’t use a time-consuming iron or hand-held steamer to get age spots out of a shirt or pants. Put a few ice cubes or a humid washcloth with your wrinkled clothes in the dryer. The wrinkles will disappear as the glaciers melt and the water becomes steam. This trick doesn’t work as well on heavier fabrics but works like a miracle on lighter ones. The finest part is that you don’t have to establish the dryer for more than 10 minutes for it to work.

Planted-in-a-Pot Landscaping Design

Have you ever wished you could rearrange your garden after seeing how the plants looked when grown? Here’s a smart way to get it done. You will need a lot of pots that are all the same size so they can fit inside each other. Put your plants in twice as big as usual pots, and then bury them at ground level.

If you desire a change, you can take the top pot out and put a different one in its place. This is also a great way to bring plants inside during the winter. This method is ideal for quickly switching out plants for the season, making it easy to try different colors and places for plants and flowers.

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

To make a fire, you need fuel (material that is easy to light), kindling (sticks about the size of your finger), and fuel (logs). We all have a ready supply of dryer lint, which can be used to start a fire. I make fire starters by stuffing dryer lint into empty toilet paper rolls. My dryer lint “logs” are easy to light and burn long enough to get the kindling going. I don’t even have to use lighter fluid.

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