5 Simple And Mind-Boggling Life Hacks Involving Old Plastic Bottles

If you have a lot of old plastic bottles lying around, you might want to put them to some use instead of just throwing them out, especially if you have a lot of them. The following is a list of fantastic small “hacks” that you may make at home. Before you can start, you will require a number of different tools and components, as is only natural to assume.

Needed materials and equipment

  • Plastic pop bottles
  • Soda bottle caps
  • Scissors
  • Flick switch
  • Marker pens
  • Craft knife
  • Masking tape
  • Hot glue gun

Now that you have all your materials, it is time to start this fun little construction project.

1. Make a phone stand out of a plastic bottle.

Take the caps off your beverage bottles and a marker pen to begin the first hack. To outline the grooves on the component that will be used to hold the phone, draw a few lines around the edge of the cap that is both vertical and curved. After that has been completed, get our craft knife and use it to cut away the sections of the cap that you have previously marked out, as required.

We should proceed with caution in this endeavor because the tops of the plastic bottles can be difficult to cut cleanly. Be sure to save your fingers out of the path you’re cutting to avoid accidents. After you have cut the cap, you will need to bend down the sections that have been cut and then trim off any extra as necessary. 

After that has been completed, use your hot glue gun and use it to apply a little amount of glue to the bottom of the bottle cap that has been cut. After you have finished doing that, attach another entire soda bottle cap to the bottom of the one you just finished. 

The next step is to take an old plastic soda bottle that has been cleaned and cut off the neck end of it. First, you will need an old compact disc (CD) or something comparable, and then you will need to glue the bottleneck to the middle of the CD. 

After that has been accomplished, take your bottle caps and screw them into the top of the bottleneck to finish constructing the stand. After allowing the glue to dry up completely, your homemade phone stand made from a plastic bottle is ready to be used.

2. Create a basic soda bottle bag nozzle.

Take a plastic drink bottle that has been well cleaned and put it away for the following tip. Once more, use a tool such as a hacksaw to remove the tip of the bottle’s neck right below where the flange is located. After that has been accomplished, get something like a bag of rice and thread the open ends of the bag through the nozzle of the bottle.

After taping the flap into position with adhesive-backed plastic, insulation tape, or duct tape, fold the opening of the bag over so that it covers the nozzle and tape it closed around the rest of the bag. After you have finished doing that, take the top off the soda bottle and screw it onto the bottle’s nozzle. When you are through, you will have a handy little device that allows you to pour out the contents of the bag while minimizing the amount of wasted mess and material.

3. Create a simple cup

Take yet another empty and sanitized Coke bottle for the next part of the hack. Drag a line around the center of the bottle using your marker pen, then do this around the perimeter. Cut the bottle along the line with your craft knife and scissors, and keep the cut as straight as possible. 

After completing this step, take some masking tape and wrap it over the top of the bottle to cover the cut end while leaving the nozzle connected. Snip a few lines around the section of the masking tape hanging off the edge of the bottle, and then fold and apply the tape to the inside surface of the bottle. 

After completing that step, take the opposite end of the plastic bottle and use your craft knife and scissors to cut the base end off it. The soda bottle cap should be affixed to the base once some hot glue has been placed in the middle of the base on the bottle’s interior. Screw the bottle covered with masking tape onto the base to finish the cup.

4. Make a simple amplifier

To do this easy DIY project, you must use your utility knife and scissors to remove the cap from the nozzle end of a plastic soda bottle. Place the component on top of your phone’s speaker after you have moved it there. Thanks to this update, your phone’s speakers will now have a little more power!

5. Make a handy place to put the string

Take one more empty Coke bottle, ensure it’s clean, and utilize it for our last tip. Once more, remove the bottle cap to create a “cup” with an open neck. After that has been completed, some hot glue should be applied to one side of the component, and then it should be glued into position on a surface that is not moving. 

After that, get a ball of string and put it into the bowl of the cup it’s supposed to be. Thread the strings slack end through the opening at the top of the bottle, and you’ll have your own free string dispenser.

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