5 Incredible Kitchen Life Hacks That Are Brilliant

Do you cook at home? Do you look forward to your time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes? No matter how long you’ve been cooking or how good you are at it, whether you’re the next Rachel Ray at home or you don’t know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, everyone can use some helpful tips to make cooking easier.

Most of the time, it’s because the person who wrote the recipe knew some helpful tips and tricks that you didn’t. Read on if you want to take your cooking to the next level. We’ll show you 45 simple but brilliant kitchen tricks that will change the way you cook for good.

The oven is the best place to cook bacon.

Have you ever wondered why the bacon at a restaurant is always cooked the same way, with no raw ends? Ever wonder why the middle doesn’t get crumbly or hard and overcooked? The only difference is in how the food is made. Most people cook bacon at home on a frying pan, but most people who work in restaurants bake it in the oven.

Try it between 400 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll be astounded.

Cut up a lot of cherry tomatoes at the same time. Cherry tomatoes add flavor and color to any dish, but cutting them in half is hard. But you don’t! Not with this helpful tip for the kitchen. Have two lids made of the same size plastic? Good.

On one of the lids, put a bunch of cherry tomatoes (have it, so the inner part of the lid is facing up). I placed the other lid on top to make a sandwich. Hold down the lid, get a knife, and snip through them all at once. All of your cherry tomatoes will be neatly cut when you take off the lid. Make an orange candle.

Want to make a big impression at a dinner party or on a date? This kitchen hack is for setting the table, not for making food, but it still has to do with food. Why not grab an orange instead of a candle and put it on the table? Yes, oranges can be used to make candles, and it’s not hard to do either. Cut your orange in half to start.

Patterning with pancakes.

We have more than one pancake hack in our kitchen cabinet. One is to use an icing dispenser to drizzle pancake batter into fun patterns. Another easy idea is to use cookie cutters like those used to make holiday sugar cookies. Just put them on your frying pan, drizzle the batter inside the lines, and observe as your pancakes rise into amazing shapes.

Even though most of them will be shaped like Christmas trees, snowmen, and gingerbread men, this makes them the perfect breakfast treat for the holidays! Oh, and just so we don’t forget, you can also do this with eggs when you cook them sunny-side up. Just pour people into the sugar cookies and watch as they make perfect shapes.

Prevent your guacamole from turning brown.

Guacamole is tasty, but it can be hard to keep it fresh. When oxygen gets to it, it turns brown and tastes different. If you don’t want this to happen, you can put your leftover masala in a container and add a thin layer of water on top.

The water works as a barrier between the guacamole and the oxygen in the air. This keeps the guacamole from turning brown. When prepared to consume it, take the water out of the jar. The guacamole will stay delicious and green. Also, guacamole goes bad quickly when you heat it in the microwave.

If you have residual Mexican food, try to keep the guacamole in a separate container so that it doesn’t get ruined by being heated up in the microwave. If it is already with the remaining portion of your food, scoop out as much as possible, heat your food, and then place the guacamole back on top after you start taking it out of the microwave. It will stay fresh, green, and tasty this way.

It’s easy to peel an orange.

No longer can you say you’re too lazy to eat your fruit? Oranges are tasty, but let’s face it, they’re a pain to peel. But must it be that way? Not if you use this trick from Jewelpie.com to peel an orange. Put your orange on a board for cutting. Cut a thin piece off one end with a knife, and then do the same to the other.

Next, cut a line segment. You should almost go through the bright red, but not quite. Then you can pull both edges away to make a long strip out of the orange. Then you can pull each piece off the strip and eat it. Put those annoying eggshells somewhere else.

The easy and clean way to get corn off the cob.

Corn on the cob is tasty, but not everyone likes to eat it. You might want to cut your corn off the cob if you have braces, jaw problems, or don’t like getting corn bits stuck in your teeth. Of course, this hurts like hell.

In all likelihood, you have skipped corn on the cob at some point in your life because you were too lazy to chop it off, scrape it off your chopping board and into your dish, and then clean up all the corn you missed that dropped into the counter, sink, or floor.

Here comes the Bundt pan. It’s simple to catch all the corn you cut off the cob this way. Just put the husks in the middle, stand it up on the bump, and cut it down. All of the corn will drop into the pan. Don’t put corn on the sink, counter, or floor. And you can use a spoon to take that out of the pan and put it in your bowl.

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